Kanye West – Deep/Slaves/Mercy (SomeOneHad2DoIt Edition)


Screen Shot 2014 11 14 at 7.59.00 PM 499x500 Kanye West   Deep/Slaves/Mercy (SomeOneHad2DoIt Edition)

Well, here we go. Another anonymous producer on our hands. At least that’s the way it’s been billed and pitched to the masses. I can’t blame these producers for posting anonymously. Fans are close minded and will turn on you fast if you release something they’re not accustomed to. SomeOneHad2DoIt steps up to the plate to put his “future house” spin on Kanye West’s signature tracks with impressive results.

Do we have another ZHU on our hands? I’d argue it’s too early to tell. The track is good but not great. What I don’t like is their aesthetic. Using Kate Upton (who’s built like a rectangle) isn’t my cup of tea and cheapens the song in my opinion. Further, it’s less impressive from a creative standpoint now that many are attempting to follow the model that Jake Udell largely pioneered. Just my two cents.

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Source:: Xavier Capdepon Music Feed